Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Reading Wands - Easily Practice Reading from Left to Right

a before kindergarten child following along while adult reads

The skill of reading from left to right is not a natural skill. As a matter of fact, in different parts of the world they read in different directions, top to bottom and right to left!

This skill develops as a part of tons of experience both watching another person demonstrate the skill as well as practicing purposefully moving hands and eyes from the left side of a page to the right side.

A good way to start working on the concept is to point to the word at the beginning of the line in the books that you read. Just use your finger and touch the first word. Very easy!

Need something more than that? You can design a Reading Wand (way better than a magic wand!).

A Reading Wand can be something you and your child design together or can be something that you create as a surprise for your child!

Set It Up!

Get together a few materials like popsicle sticks or tongue depressors, goggly eyes, sequins, glue and papers (you can grab your cutting basket you created earlier!).

materials needed to create Reading Wands

You Can Do It!

The end of the stick is where you should focus all of your decorations! That way it draws your child's attention to what you are pointing.
a before kindergarten child creating Reading Wandsa before kindergarten child creating Reading Wands

Lay out all of your craft materials and have fun! I have found that my child is most engaged in activities that I plan if I participate with her (she does just fine being creative when she decides she wants to do crafts).

a before kindergarten child reading along with an adult using a Reading Wand

When you use it during reading, slide the Reading Wand along the words. It's a simple, child created way to draw attention to the words on the page as well as the direction you move when you are reading!

Make It Just Right for Your Child

Whatever your child is interested in would make a good object to glue on that stick. Think character stickers, colors, etc...! If your child isn't interested in crafts, make just one. If your child loves crafts, make a bunch!

Here are ours:

a set of completed Reading Wands

Tips for Success
  • maybe glitter isn't such a good idea! Ha! We'll only use those on books that we own!
  • we have been reading chapter books, so some of our extras became bookmarks
  • if you have extras, you can give them away to friends! Just tell them what they are supposed to do with them!

What else can you do with your Reading Wands?

a before kindergarten child reading along with an adult using a Reading Wand

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