Friday, April 17, 2020

S Word Fun - a charades style game to practice speech

by Lauren Barnett, MA, CCC-SLP

ideas of how to make speech therapy practice fun by playing charades!

Practicing speech sounds over and over and over can be a bit of a drag... don't you think? However, there is a way to practice, make a game and have fun all at the same time!

How is that possible, you may ask! Over the years, I have been creating cards with speech sounds and making a charades style game with speech words!

It is important to practice speech sounds many, many times to develop the mouth movements necessary to correctly produce a sound.

Here is a game to transition kiddos from the syllable level to the word level!

First, print out the game pages! They are located at the bottom of this post! I like to print 4 on a page. They are conveniently sized for this game! Cut the cards apart. (Printing them 8 to a page would be great for a memory game...😉)

What's the word?
When your child is ready to move from "s" in syllables to "s" in simple words, have him listen to you say the syllables.

"S"  "a"  "say" "Is that a real word? What does 'say' mean?"

If he guesses it, praise him!! "That's right! 'Say' means to tell something! Let's think of something to say.... we could say 'hello' or we could say a favorite line from a movie!" Then say something together!!

Make the Cards!
Find the "Say" card and draw a picture of what "say" means. It could be a speech bubble or a mouth open or something else that you two come up with!! Remember, every time you say the word, you are modeling the correct production of the sound! If your child is able, have him draw the picture! Say "say" while you draw it!! I like to have kiddos use pencil or pen for this part.

Then after all of the cards are done, add color! Use markers or crayons or colored pencils or other drawing tools to make the pictures their own creation!! As he colors, make sure to have him say his word! This get's him to practice twice. Once when he draws them and again when he colors them!

Act them Out!
After all of the cards are colored and beautiful, lay them out and have your child pick one. This time you get to act them out. Decide together on an action or a movement that represents that sound!

After you practice a few times, you can play charades! Put all of the cards in a pile or in a bag and have your child select a card to act out! You guess! Then you pull a card and act it out and have your child guess!

Make a video!
I like to lay out the cards in a line and have the child act them out with me on video that we can send to family members!

We can watch and re-watch the video (kids love to watch themselves!) and practice while we watch!

So much practice!!
You child will say their words SO MANY TIMES!! And have fun doing it!! It'll be a great bonding activity, too 😃

So, in summary you will:
  1. Print the cards - you can click the link and download the document! 
  2. What's the word? - figure out which syllables are really words
  3. Make the Cards! - make homemade cards with child created pictures
  4. Act them Out! - play charades to practice speech sounds
  5. Make a video! - make a video of all of your cool actions

Here is the document you need that has the cards on it!

And that's it!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me! You can share photos of your child's drawings or video online! I'd love to see how they are doing!!

-Lauren :)

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