B4K - Before Kindergarten

B4K is a workshop that I designed to help families know what skills they should be working on before their child goes off to kindergarten. These are skills that Kindergarten teachers would love for your child to have mastered so that they can focus on academics!

Come join us on this journey! Click on the skills or pictures below for activities that will help you develop your child's skills! I am adding new activities frequently so if there is not a link, just wait! It's coming soon!

If you are interested in having me speak to a group of your families, feel free to contact me!

Reading / Writing



Fine Motor / Gross Motor


Speaking / Listening


  • Follow 2 Step Direction
  • Sit (5-15) and listen to an age appropriate book and answer basic questions
  • Say full name of self and parents; address and phone number
  • Understand most of what is said
  • Use complete, grammatically correct sentences that give lots of details
  • Tell a story and stay on topic
  • Produce most speech sounds correctly

Social Skills


  1. Excellent collection on skill learning tools...great for little toddlers...would definitly learn a lot from you

    1. Thanks! Language development with this age is fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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