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Some of my favorite things to do have come in series of blog posts. I am putting them here for easy access. I hope you enjoy looking through each one!


Summer Writing Series
     We are working on some basic handwriting skills, writing with different mediums, doing fun writing activities and going on field trips! Join us!

 A Seussy Summer
    We had so much fun with this one! Lot's of early reading skills like rhyming, letter-sound correspondence and some writing skills were addressed. Check it out!

Identify the Signs
    As a part of a national campaign, I partnered with the American Speech-Hearing Association to educate families about the early warning signs of communication disorders. Learn more here.

Read with Me!
   We love to read books. We read two or three almost every night. But we do more than just read the words on the page. We talk about different concepts like counting, action words, vocabulary or predicting. See some of the language concepts we talked about while reading some popular books! Check it out here!

A Day with You
  A Day with You is series of popular children's books with multiple activities that build language skills and encourage a love for reading. The simple activities use mostly items found around the house, have inside and outside activities, crafts and snack ideas. These packets are intended for other caregivers, but I did these with my daughter and had a blast, so moms you are welcome to do these, too! Check it out here!

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