A Day with You

This web page was inspired one day when my husband had a day off (usually his day at home with our daughter is a work from home day so he works and just makes sure that she has activities to do on her own) and I wanted to make sure that he had enough to do.

I remember when she was about 2 months old and I looked at this little bundle of moving parts and thought "you have so much potential, but what can I do with you?!" That prompted research and lots of printing of ideas that I glued onto little 3X5 cards and put all over the house. But that's another post! Ok, back to my husband's day with our daughter - what to do with a toddler...

This led me to think about how often infrequent babysitters (like aunts, grandparents, dads and others) are sometimes looking at toddlers and preschoolers wondering what to do.

If mom could give them a day full of simple activities based on a popular story/book, then mom's time away and the family's time together can be a positive, wonderful memory! So, here I will be adding packets of simple activities that use mostly items found around the house, inside activities, outside activities, crafts and snack ideas. These packets are intended for other family members, but I did these with my daughter and had a blast, so moms you are welcome to do these, too!

Let's have fun when we share A Day with You:

Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

Ok, come back soon, I have more in the works!

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