Turkey Dance! A Board Game & Get Up and Dance Game

I am sure you know about the Chicken Dance right?!

But what about the Turkey Dance?

Well, I've created a game where you can work on practically any skill (speech sound, language concept or academic skill) and learn the moves to the Turkey Dance as you play!

My little ones loved it (3 and 4 year olds) which was a bit of a surprise! We went around the board together and danced a lot! It was quite a workout!

My bigger kids (5 year olds and up through upper elementary age) have thought it was a blast teaching me how to do the Floss dance move. I explained that one of the turkey's move is the Floss and I'm not very good at it... so they LOVED teaching me how to do the Floss :)

You can get this at my TPT store! (here)

Happy Playing!

-Lauren :)

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