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Feed the Turkey it's favorite foods!! 


Do your kids love to get up and move as much as mine do?! I bet they do! 


This is a great game for individual, face-to-face sessions as well as group therapy!


Simply print the quantity of berries, bugs and nuts (acorns!) that you need for your child or your class!


If you do individual therapy (or if you are a parent playing this with one child), there is a single page with all of the "food" items needed to play so you don't have to print multiple pages!


  Fun Practice

When kids are moving around and having fun, practice is more FUN! And fun practice means that kiddos are more likely to to practice more often!!


Get your kids up and moving with Berries, Bugs and Nuts!


Find out more about this product on my blog: and see it in action at my YouTube page here!



Exactly what you'll get in this Product:

Page 1: the Title page… please don’t print it! Save paper!

Page 2: Directions for how to play the game with ideas on how to make it work with 

different skills!

Page 3: Terms of Use and Credits (giving credit where credit is due :) Thank You!)

Page 4: the berries (for a group game)

Page 5: The bugs (for a group game)

Page 6: the bugs (for a group game) LOW INK

Page 7: the nuts/acorns (for a group game)

Page 8: berries, bugs & nuts (for an individual game!)

Page 9: Berries, Bugs & Nuts skill documentation page (you can send this page home so the families know what to work on when they play!)

Page 10: suggestions for other games you'll love!


This product is a PDF and includes a LOW INK version of the bugs!



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Happy playing!


Berries, Bugs & Nuts - A Get Up & Move Game

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