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Preschoolers READ is not about teaching preschoolers HOW to read, but rather giving them fun experiences with books that develop a LOVE for reading and books!


There is a great list of books to read to any child aged 3 to 5 (even 6 or 7!) and the activities are designed to develop the speech and language skills of children this age!

B4K Title.jpg

B4K is a series about activities that you can do with your child to get them ready for Kindergarten! These are skills that Kindergarten teachers suggest that all children have mastered so that they can focus on academics in school!

Reading/ Writing

Fine/Gross Motor Skills



Id the Signs Series - Intro.png

Please, learn the signs so that you can know if your child needs help. Learning what to look for will help you know if you need to pursue therapy, or if your child is on track!

To see information on the signs, typical development of these skills, what you can do at home and red flags to watch out for.

Read with Me Series - Intro.png

A series about reading popular books while doing simple language building activities!

One summer, my daughter and I read 24 books to earn a free book from our local library! We read some really great books and did some really fun activities! Check out your favorite book or find a new one!

Summer Writing Series - Intro.png

Writing can be a source of frustration for many children. They may need to be able to do it and struggle with the fine motor skills necessary to write. They may not have the pre-reading skills like letter-sound knowledge to know what a letter should look like or what sound a letter represents. They may be young and want to write but haven't had the experience necessary to write what they are thinking.


We are worked on some basic handwriting skills, writing with different mediums, doing fun writing activities and going on field trips! This is great for letter identification, too!

Seussy Summer.jpg

Join us on our journey through crazy lands with silly creatures making lasting memories and gaining important language skills!  We will be focusing on some specific literacy and reading skills that children should master during different ages!

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." -Dr. Seuss, I Can Read with My Eyes Shut

Santa Christmas Jingles.jpg

For 25 days (or nights!) in December we picked a wrapped Christmas-themed book and enjoyed it as a family!

You might not have the same books that we do, but you can get some great ideas of things you can talk about when you read the Christmas themed books you do have!

Whole Hearted Holiday - Intro.png

I love themes! They allow us to be completely involved in a topic or idea and we can gain so much language from themes. However, as a mom to two kiddos and a practicing Speech Language Pathologist, I realize that I can't expect these fabulous theme based learning opportunities to just happen.

I have decided that for two months, I was going to be purposefully focused on all of the reasons that I love the holidays and share those wonderful things with my children. I am going to be whole hearted about it. Check out how we fully engaged during a season that can get hectic and at times, out of control. Bring it back to the things that are important: spending time together, learning new things and sharing with others.

A Day with You - Intro.png

This idea was inspired one day when my husband had a day off to spend with our daughter and I wanted to make sure that he had enough to do! Sometimes we all need inspiration (or actual printed activities) to know what to do!

If mom could provide a day full of simple activities based on a popular story/book, then mom's time away and the family's time together can be a positive, wonderful memory! Grab some packets of simple activities that use mostly items found around the house, inside activities, outside activities, crafts and snack ideas!


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