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Summer Writing Series

Writing can be a source of frustration for many children.


They may need to be able to do it and struggle with the fine motor skills necessary to write.


They may lack the pre-reading skills like letter-sound knowledge to know what a letter should look like or what sound a letter represents.


They may be young and want to write but haven't had the experience necessary to write what they are thinking.


What ever the reason, working on hand writing in a fun and meaningful way can help build or develop your child's skills!



We did some fun, simple and different writing activities that you and your child can do together.


We start with upper case letters in a developmental series based mostly on the order that Handwriting without Tears uses as indicated in their Kindergartener's Teaching Guidelines (here). We are following their order for the most part. Some of the letters didn't line up with the weeks that I had already planned events so some modifications were made to the order of the letters. In addition, their program is taught much more slowly. The guidelines indicate 36 weeks of activities. Well, summer is not that long and I wanted to go through all of the letters this summer. So we combined a few letters into each week - usually 3 (sometimes 2) a week. 


I am not going for mastery of the written letters... just a quick introduction.


I am more interested in introducing the written letters, how to form them, having fun with writing, experiencing writing with different mediums and practicing during real life opportunities.


Check out the Summer Writing Series Plan below! It includes all the pages that you'll need.

For a Specific Letter or Activity Click below:

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