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Hey! I'm so Glad You're Here.

I love great ideas! I love new activities! And I love sharing those with others!

Hi! I'm Lauren :)  I am a certified Speech Language Pathologist and a homeschooling mom.


I partner with families just like yours and provide tools, tips and techniques to help their child improve communication.


I hope to share some things that will inspire you as you work with, play with and grow with your child.

Where should you start?


There are a couple of ways that families and caregivers interact with the posts on this blog. Some start at the most current post and read backwards for a while getting inspiration for things to do with their child! If that's you, click on the "Blog" link at the top or click here!


By Skill/Age

If you have a communication skill in mind that you'd like to work on click on it in the group of words below! These are my category tags. If you click on one, it will give you all of the blog posts where I think that skill, concept or age group is addressed :)

At the bottom of each post, you can click on the tag and it will give you more just like it :)



Try a Series:

You could also check out some of the fun Series that we've done! Click on one to find out more!

Love Dr. Seuss? Check Out these posts!

Need to work on Letters? Check out the Summer Writing Series!

Want to get an activity that goes along with a book!? Check out: Read with Me (for toddlers and 3s)

 or Check out: Preschoolers and Parents READ! (for 4-6 year olds)

I have a lot of information on here and I am transitioning some of my favorites from my old blog to this new one...however, I know that sometimes parents, teachers and caregivers still have questions!


Let me know what you want to know by filling out this form below:


I look forward to hearing from you!


-Lauren :)

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