What happened to that blog post?!

Welcome to the all new iHeartSpeech!

I have been dreaming about this new look for a long time!

I know that it will be easier to find information related to what you are looking for! Check out this! You can get clickable links by skill or age here!

However, the move has been messy... I can't just get all of my old and loved blog posts over to this new platform in one fell swoop!

So, they are all packed neatly and ready to be moved... one box, I mean, one Post at at time.

So... if you are looking for something that you KNOW was on iHeartSpeech at one point, have no fear! It will be here again one day! If you really need that information now, shoot a quick email to me and I'll move that post up on my priority list :)

You can contact me here!

In the meantime, I have lots of fun and informative posts for you. Click on a category to see all of the posts related to a topic!

-Lauren :)

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