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Turkey Time - an open-ended Thanksgiving Themed game (Freebie!)

Updated: October 2021

I know that this time of year can be busy and you have a lot on your mind!

Here is a simple and super fun game that you can play with your child to work on practically any skill!

I love that this game can be colored to be whatever colors your child chooses or you can print it in color and just play!

Game play is really simple. If you are printing it, just cut out the little diamond shapes and use those as your mover-pieces! Roll a die and move around his feather. Stay on the outside, red section, first and move to the orange sections. Move across the orange sections to the brown ones and across those until you get to the End!

Digitally, it's just as simple! The file will open in PowerPoint or Keynote. Open to page 3! Select a diamond mover, and place it at start. Roll and move!

You can work on practically any skill your child needs to practice!

We've been playing this game in person and in teletherapy this week and the kids are loving it!

I know your family will too!

Happy Playing!

-Lauren :)

PS: get your free download now! (here)

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