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Fill It Up! AKA the Dump Truck Game!

I just LOVE a construction theme! The idea of digging in dirt, building something, hammering something! YES! Bring it on!

I have just created a new game called Fill It Up! (AKA: The Dump Truck Game). It's a quick and easy way for your child to play a fun, themed game while practicing practically any skill you can think of!

Want to practice a speech sound? Sure!

How about Past Tense Verbs? Yep!

Academics? Yes, siree! Math Facts. Sight Words. Spelling Words. Vocabulary. Exercises. I could go on and on...

The best part is there are 3 different versions in this one activity!

The first is a digital game... no printing necessary! You can play it on computer with your child or use it in teletherapy! (see how it works here) The rocks in the game are moveable and your child gets to pick which ones get collected!

The second game is a printable game (with a LOW INK version too!!). You just print out the game board and some rocks and have fun! 

The third game is digital OR printable! If you play on the computer, you just move the rocks and look for the hidden diamond! You would not believe how excited kids get when they finally find the hidden treasure!! The great thing is, you can move the diamond to be hidden behind different rocks so the game is different every time you play! 

If you use do this as a printed game, just get a little piece of paper  (something flat!) or  a sticker that you haven't removed the backing from (so it's not sticky!) and hide it under one of the rocks. 

There are SO many modifications you could make while playing! Do you have a child who loves real rocks, put REAL rocks on the board! You could crumple up the rock page so they look more textured and realistic! You could drive a toy dump truck around the table and pick up the rocks that you've scattered about! Have FUN with this!

I made a little video to show you how to use the game digitally:

Happy playing!


PS: This game is FREE to download at my TeachersPayTeachers store! Don't miss out on a fun and easy game that you can use to practice practically any skill!!

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