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Hard Hats Required! an open ended construction themed game

I know what you are thinking... I just want to work on my child's communication skills (or academics!) and not have to create, design, perfect and print an activity BEFORE I practice.

Good news! I have done all of the hard work for you!! Now you get to do the fun part - PLAY with your child while you work on those skills!

I made a new and super fun game that you can just print and play (Or better yet, play on the computer!! SO fun!)

My kids favorite part was stopping at each of the buildings and inspecting it, using their imaginations to find problems and then acting out fixing them up!

See this product in action:

You can get this game over at my store: here!

This game is perfect for families or therapists especially if your child loves a construction theme (although I've discovered that my kids love it even if they didn't know they enjoyed a construction theme! lol!)

Happy Playing!

-Lauren :)

PS: if your child is loving construction themed games, check out Hard Hats Required, Road Closed! and Fill It Up! (all are digital AND printable!)

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