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What does CCC-SLP mean anyway?

Do you have those times when you realize people have no idea what it is that you do?

I had the opportunity this week to have a student observer join me for therapy and paperwork/planning time. She is doing an internship-like class where she'll shadow me and another SLP to see what it is that we do and what Speech-Language Pathology is all about.

It occurred to me as I was talking with her about what I do and how amazing of a profession this is that there are many people who think I just work on "r" or "l" or lisps. Some know that I work with kiddos who stutter and others who know I have a passion for language development, but the world of Speech Language Pathology is so much more! I'd like to share with you some of the areas that we work on and a little bit about our profession.

I think the best place to begin is at the very beginning! (Did you have that song from The Sound of Music pop into your head..."let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start...")

The letters after my name, CCC-SLP, stand for Certificate of Clinical Competence and Speech-Language Pathologist and mean that I have completed:

  • a graduate degree from an accredited program focusing on Speech and Language (as opposed to Audiology in which case it would be CCC-A)

  • 1,600+ hours of supervised clinical experience with adults and children

  • a passing grade on a national exam

  • 30 hours of continuing education every 3 years to maintain my Certificate

ASHA (the American Speech-Language Hearing Association) is the governing body and says "The ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) is a nationally recognized professional credential in the fields of Audiology (CCC-A) and Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP)"

 So, I guess those letters aren't really the beginning! They came after many years of schooling, supervision, exams and lots of continuing education. But boy was I excited when I got the official letter that I had my "Cs."

If you are looking for a Speech-Language Pathologist to help your loved one, make sure they have their Cs! If you are in the Central Florida area, you can contact me to find out more about what we can do. If you are outside of the Central Florida, check out ASHA's ProFind to find a certified therapist in your area.

Now, you know what the letters after a Speech Pathologist name mean! Next, I'd like to share with you why those letters are so important!

-Lauren :)

PS: Pin this so you'll have it for when you wonder again, what does "CCC" stand for again?

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