8 Basic Steps to Great Speech Sounds! - Step 2 - Syllable Level

The first step when working on speech sounds is the Isolation Level (read more about that here). 


Syllables are the next step! You take the sound from isolation and add a vowel! For most sounds it is easier to do the target sound (usually a consonant) and add a vowel after it.

So for example, "B" would become "bay, bee, by, bow" Which is just: b+a, b+e, b+i, b+o. Some are nonsense syllables and some are real words. These are initial consonants.

You can do long vowels or short vowels. I usually stick to long vowel first, then do the short vowels later. This plan keeps me organized!

After your child can do syllables with the sound at the beginning, switch it around! Put the vowel before the consonant. This makes it a final consonant.

So, "b" would become "aeb, eeb, ieb, ob" Most of those are nonsense! But it's fun!!

Speech Sound Slide

I like to do Sliding activities. So write the sound in the middle of the piece of paper. Then write the vowels in the corners.

Next, slide a toyor object (or just a finger) to the vowel. If your action from the Isolation Level was an animal, you can use a toy that represents that animal and move that. Or find a clip art or picture and move that.

The more fun you make it, the more likely your child will want to practice!

Want to see this in action?! Check out my YouTube channel!

So, what's next? First, we worked on the sound at the Isolation Level and now we've done Syllables!

Next, we make real words!  I'll talk more about that in the next post!

-Lauren :)

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