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Halloween Themed Speech Words

Are you headed to a pumpkin patch? Halloween party? Fall festival? Trunk-or-Treat event? Or doing any other autumn or fall activity this season?

If you are and you want to work on your child's speech sounds at the same time, you can have a resource in your hand so you can MAXIMIZE your child's motivation to communicate by providing words that they will likely encounter this time of year!

Actions! Descriptive words! Candies and Food! Costumes words!

You can use this resource while you are playing games (I highly encourage you to make speech practice fun!!) or while doing your everyday activities! Get your list of words here!

In Your Line of Sight

One mom recently told me "I just put the pages on the island, so I could look over at the words any time and find a word that fit what we were doing! It was great!"

If the words you want to say are in your line of sight, you are more likely to remember to practice your child's speech sounds!

I put these on my fridge so they are constantly right there where I can see them... but the good thing is Nana could see them and Dad could see them too! So we all could work on the same words! (Pro tip: circle the words you really want to focus on!)

You can also keep them on the dining room table!

On the Go...

The best part is that you can fold these up and take them with you! Here I am at a pumpkin patch. I literally pulled these out of my back pocket!

I know that this will be a valuable resource for you to use with your child this fall!

Ready to get your hands on the words! Check out my TPT store!

Want to see this product in action? Check out my youtube video:

You can Pin it!

Happy Talking!

-Lauren :)

PS: You can use these Halloween Themed Speech Words to work on speech skills at the single word level, phrases, sentences or in general conversation!

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