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Are You Looking for a Valentine's Day Party Game?

Valentine's day is almost here and the kids will be full of sugar and energy soon!

Here is a fun game that takes that energy and excitement and directs it to beneficial practice too!!

This game is designed for therapists to use in teletherapy or in face-to-face therapy.

It is also great to send home with kids so parents have something to do with their child while they practice their homework!!

Parents - you can use this game to work on practically any skill you want!

This can be either a simple board game where you move around the heart shaped board from Start to End...

OR! It can be so much more!! Each time you pass a pink heart do a different party activity!

Here are a few ideas:

- do a simple craft (we did Heart-Shaped People!)

- dance to a Valentine's Day song (or other kid's song! Freeze dance songs are great!)

- play another quick game (like a Hidden Picture activity)

- do an active game like a ball toss

- turn the extra cards (the "mover pieces") into Cards to give away to friends or family

- decorate a little bit! Add stickers to their Speech Notebook or streamers to the room!

- color a small picture

- at home, you can give a hug to a family member!

- at school, you can have an air-hug or say a compliment to a friend

- if you are allowed, eat a small sweet treat!

Here we are turning our extra mover pieces into a card for Mom!

This game is available at my TPT store! Grab your copy today!

Happy playing!

-Lauren :)

Save this for later so you have a super interactive, Valentine's Day themed game to play with your kids!

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