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Frosty (Snowman) Themed Homework Documentation Printable (FREE!)

When I did speech therapy with William, frequently I forgot to remind him to do practice (which as an SLP I knew was crucial for him to do to make progress!). It made my heart sad when he'd say "hey, mom, are we going to practice speech?" I felt like I was letting him down.

I just needed something to remind me to do the practice!

After a few different ideas, he tended to like this the best: The Homework Reminder Printable!

I make these for each different theme I do! And they are all FREE! Yep, free :)

I've got quite a few at my TeachersPayTeachers store! Check those out here: Homework Printables.

So Simple!

These are simple to use!

Each day you do practice, cut out a Snowman of your child's choice and glue it onto the grid! (if you do one of the other themes, cut out one of those images and glue it onto the grid!)

For Almost Any Task!

I think my favorite part of this is that it can be used for any practice you need your child to do!

Piano practice? Yes!

Math or Spelling words? Yep!

Chores? You bet!


In this printable you will get a colorful printable from which your child can pick a favorite after each practice session. Another option is the LOW INK version... for this one, let your child color a Snowman then glue it onto the grid. It makes it even more personal and special!

Finishing It Up!

There are 10 spaces on the grid; that's enough spaces for two full weeks of practice if you practice 5 times a week.

When William and I did these, he liked hanging up his finished work on the wall in his room. That was a great visual reminder of the hard work he had done!

When I worked in the schools, I'd have the kids return the page when they had completed the homework and they would get a treasure from the treasure box!

When It's Challenging...

Sometimes, waiting for 10 sessions to get a reward is a long time to wait... either because the child is young or because the task is very challenging. In those cases, I would give a small reward when the child has finished the top line of the grid and then again when the bottom line is filled in!

Ready for it?!

Happy practicing!

-Lauren :)


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