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Book activity! One is a Feast for Mouse - Block Stacking Game

Updated: November 2021

We should probably invest in some Thanksgiving books because I think most of the good ones were checked out from the library already. But we did find a treasure!

It is called One is a Feast for Mouse by Judy Cox. It's a funny story about a mouse who raides the Thanksgiving table scraps taking one of many of the items on the table and stacking them on top of one another on his way back to his home. He does well balancing his feast until he bumps into the family cat! I highly recommend this story.

In Therapy

I used this book as a part of language therapy to work on the preposition "on." We read the story then as we reviewed it, we drew a picture of each of the things that the mouse carried. He then was able to recall the story to his mother using the picture he drew and using our target preposition: "on" multiple times. It was a great activity.

Our Own Little Game

My daughter thought it was a very funny story and got nervous when the cat showed up. We decided to turn the story into our own little game. She pretended to be the mouse and ran all over the table cloth (aka: our library room rug) to collect the food items in the correct order and stack them up.

At first we tried to have her hold the stack like Mouse did while she collected the other food items, but that proved more difficult than expected so we just stacked them up to make a tower.

You can do it, too!

Simply, print out the "foods"below!

Then, color and cut out the pictures and tape them onto blocks!

Scatter the "food" around the room. While you go through the story, collect and stack the food items in the correct order. As a final task, use the tower to retell the story!

Get the download here:

She even enjoyed stacking them a "better way" which was in an order that made them less likely to fall down. After accomplishing the language activity, it didn't matter what she did with the blocks. I'm just glad she was having fun!

We had a great time creating and doing this activity. We hope that your family will enjoy the story and game as much as we did!

Happy Stacking!


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