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Simple Pumpkin Craft and Decoration for Preschoolers

Originally posted 11/2012; Updated 10/2021

We let our pumpkin seeds dry over night and enjoyed them in a few more activities the next day. We used some simple materials to craft some cute decorations!

You can do this, too! Here's what you'll need:

orange construction paper

green construction paper scrap

brown construction paper scrap

glue stick

handfull of pumpkin seeds (dry but not cooked)

orange curling ribbon cut into 3-5" lengths

Craft Card

First, we made a craft project called "Inside my pumpkin..." We added a stem and leaf to the outside of a pumpkin card. Then, we glued some seeds and some orange curling ribbon inside. This allowed us to review the parts of the pumpkin (vocabulary!), use some great fine motor skills like glueing and picking up small objects, and practice following directions.

More Pumpkins!

Next, we turned some extra orange construction paper into smaller pumpkins. I cut one paper into 4 tall, oval shaped pumpkins. I cut another paper into 4 short, round pumpkins.

We used concept words like "short," "tall" and "wide" as well as the parts of the pumpkin as we were talking about the pumpkins we were making.

Finally, we taped the pumpkins to a printed grass table cloth which I had hung up. She was able to use more concepts like "higher," "lower," "right" and "left" to tell me exactly where she wanted me to tape the pumpkins. The ability to give directions is almost as important as being able to follow directions. Plus, then it really was her handiwork. She was very proud of the final product!

Whether you are making a table-scape, mantle vignette or a wall hanging, this simple craft will help you celebrate together while developing language skills!

Happy crafting!

-Lauren :)

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