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Best (and Easiest!) DIY Snow Ever!

Updated: 01/2022

I really wanted to take the kids to see snow this year, but it's been just a little to busy and it would be a really long drive. So, I decided to bring some snow to us!

This is seriously the easiest snow I've ever tried. I just mixed baking soda and shaving cream together. That's it. Then you get a fluffy, soft and cool feeling snow-like substance that has a lovely smell too! While this snow does feel cool, we put it in the freezer and it was even more awesome! It got very cold but did not freeze solid.

This project lent itself to lots of pretend play and opportunities for Big Sister to ask lots of questions! We used a few of her new dolls and a small princess castle and eventually moved everything to a cookie sheet to (sort of) contain it all. It would be just as great to have animals, GI Joes or other toys to play with in the snow.

Let's Do This!

Get the ingredients (pretty simple!). I used a pie plate the first time so we could get our hands in there and really mix it up. But the next batch I did in a bowl with a spoon and it was less messy. I just mixed until I got to the desired consistency and dumped it onto the cookie sheet.

I let Big Sister take charge of how much to put in. She's been wanting to be in control of pouring things recently (like ketchup...which didn't turn out quite the way she expected it!). So since I had purchased the baking soda just for this project, it didn't matter how much she dumped poured out.

The shaving cream turned out to be a good problem solving lesson. She struggled to hold and aim the container and push the button all at the same time. We discussed different ideas but then in the end I squirted the shaving cream into the bowl. She'll get the fine motor skills eventually!

Oh! Then the fun began! She got to mix and mix the two ingredients together. I did add more baking soda to sort of dry up the shaving cream. But it was so much fun!

Kicking It Up a Notch!

The next day we wised up a little and started playing on the cookie sheet. We also added quite a few toys. (sorry for the dolls in their bathing suits...I just could not convince her that snow is really, really cold and bathing suits are not appropriate!)

In the end, we stored the "snow" in a food storage container and popped it in the freezer for next time!

Tips from Experience!

One word of warning... we did our activity on my (nice) wood, dining room table and after cleaning it up I noticed that the surface looked a little dull. It's probably been buffed off by the baking soda. So, I don't recommending doing this activity on just any surface. I did use a little furniture polish on the table and it seems to be just fine. But I thought I'd warn you first!

Fun For Everyone!

This turned out to be so much fun (even my husband thought it felt and smelled pretty cool). It kept Big Sister occupied for hours! I hope that your child enjoys it too!

Happy Playing!

-Lauren :)

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